Immune System: Tips for Improvement

Immune health is the backbone of every human system. It is dependent on many factors namely the genetic background one is born with, age, medical history and chemicals the human body is exposed to. We humans have such hectic lifestyles that stress is part and parcel of our daily lives. All these factors affect your stamina.

 The human body is prone and susceptible to damage if proper steps are not taken in that direction. Regular exercise regime, proper diet, right nutrition and small lifestyle changes will make a lot of difference. We all have to take a closer look into enhancing our immunity towards diseases and learn about the top five tips that will help boost immunity from within.


 The immune system is a network of cells and body tissues that work in collaboration to protect human body from infections or viruses. White blood cells are good cells that protect the body and help fight diseases to maintain good health.

1. Include Protein in your Diet

Protein as we all know is a great building block for a healthy body and mind. It also helps to keep the immune system healthy. A protein rich diet is advised by nutritionists worldwide for a leaner and healthier shape. Low protein food has low fibre content and this stresses the immune system as it consists of carbohydrates. Hence, your first step should be to add protein to your everyday diet.

2. Limit or Minimize Sugar Intake

If you want to stay healthy and boost your immunity system then sugar in any form is a strict no-no. When people give into sugar craving or urge to binge in chocolates, then they are most likely to experience a sudden drop in energy levels. Dieticians suggest to avoid any form of carbonated drinks and starchy sugary stuff for a healthier life.

3. Early to Bed and Early to Rise

Adequate amount of sleep is quintessential when it comes to a better lifestyle. Your body gets tired after a hard day’s work, so it is important that you get eight to ten hours of sound sleep in a day. 

4. Eat Right Foods and Supplements

Read the nutritional content value on the labels of all the food you intake. Vegetables and fruits consumed in their natural and raw form have high fibre content. The enzymes help you and protect good cells in the body. Those following a hectic schedule often opt for supplements to keep their body healthy. These supplements are readily available and easily found in all health stores.

5. Follow Yoga or Exercise

Listen to your body’s needs, do whatever suits you and your lifestyle. Doing breathing exercises like Pranayama and Yoga will improve your body’s metabolism. These are also good for the digestive system, which in turn improves your immunity. Deep and slow breathing do wonders to one’s body and you will surely notice the change in your thinking and body mechanism if you do it regularly.

These lifestyle changes that you will follow will have you on the right track for a better tomorrow.


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